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    Fizzy – 1 CHF Depot

    5.00 CHF

    Gazzosa is a sweetened, flavoured and slightly carbonated water, whose name comes from its own feature, the gas. In the past / as fizzy, flavoured and consumed on special occasions / it was called The poor man`s Champagne.

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    Club-Mate Cola

    4.20 CHF

    Only with natural caffeine from mate, the kola nut, tea and coffee.


    Vitamin Well

    4.50 CHF

    Vitamin Well is a functional and delicious thirst quencher, enriched with vitamins and minerals. It is non/carbonated and sweetened only with fruit sugar.

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    Elmer Citro

    4.00 CHF

    Fresh spring water and natural essences give ELMER Citro its unique taste.


    Aloe Love

    4.00 CHF

    Vegan and gluten free. Aloe Love is a trend setter. A balanced aloe vera drink with pulp pieces and refreshing lime flavor. An experience without artificial additives.


    Afri Cola

    6.20 CHF

    Everything was better before? I call BS! The new afri cola with 10 mg caffeine tastes supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


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