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    Salad with Chicken

    19.90 CHF

    A large, mixed salad with juicy pieces of chicken breast, fresh onions refined with a touch of mustard.

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    Salad Plate

    10.90 CHF15.90 CHF

    A bit of everything. Various lettuces, with fresh cherry tomates, savoury mozarella, sweet corn and a sliced and boiled free/range egg.

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    Mixed House Salad

    8.90 CHF12.90 CHF

    Mixed salad with various lettuces, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, roasted pumpkin seeds and sprouts.

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    Caprese Salad

    10.90 CHF15.90 CHF

    The Italian classic. A salad of fruity cherry tomates and fine mozzarella garnished with fresh basil.

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    Chef Salad

    10.90 CHF16.90 CHF

    Was für ein “Salat”. Lyonerwurst, rezenter Gruyère, knackige Zwiebeln und Essiggurken , garniert mit feinem Schnittlauch.

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    Iceberg Lettuce Salad

    7.90 CHF11.90 CHF

    Fresh iceberg lettuce garnished with fresh cherry tomates.

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    Greek Salad

    10.90 CHF15.90 CHF

    The Greek salad consisting of fresh cherry tomates, juicy cucumbers, onions, Feta cheese and aromatic dill.

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