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    Gin Turicum

    59.00 CHF

    Turicum Gin distilled in the heart of Zurich with selected herbs and spices, refined by hand with blossoms from trees of the Lindenhof.


    Vodka Absolut

    5.00 CHF40.00 CHF

    The Absolut bottle has long since become an icon in the spirits industry.

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    Vodka Smirnoff

    37.00 CHF

    The original vodka with the red label stands out particularly positively in tastings.


    Gin Gordon’s

    4.90 CHF

    London Dry Gin.


    Gin Bombay Sapphire

    42.00 CHF

    The Bombay Sapphire Distillery, located on the site of the former Laverstoke Mill, processes ten botanicals, some classic and some exotic, for its London Dry Gin.


    Gin Studer Swiss

    54.90 CHF

    The Swiss Highland Dry Gin convinces with its tried and tested recipe from the family/run Studer distillery. From Escholzmatt in the canton of Lucerne comes the gin with its delicately spicy and mild aroma.


    Johnnie Walker Red Label

    4.50 CHF38.00 CHF

    The world`s best selling Blended Scotch Whiskey and winner of over 30 awards.

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    3.90 CHF42.00 CHF

    Every masterpiece consists of equal parts of precision and inspiration. Jägermeister is an exceptionally splendid example.

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    Havanna Rum Anejo Especial

    42.00 CHF

    A twicefold ripened rum from the legendary Cuban brand Havana Club, which is particularly suitable for the preparation of various drinks and cocktails.


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