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    Punk IPA

    5.50 CHF25.00 CHF

    Extra pale. Hops: Chinook, Ahtanum, Amarillo, Cascade, Simcoe, Nelson Sauvin.

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    4.70 CHF

    Corona exudes a wave/sparkling Caribbean flair. In it’s country of origin Mexico, it is the best/selling beer. Over 112 million Mexicans can not be wrong now?



    4.90 CHF22.00 CHF

    Even though the owner changed several times, the unique taste never did.

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    5.60 CHF

    Specially refined barley malts give Köstritzer Schwarzbier its uniquely malt aroma. The sparkling/elegant character creates an unmistakable taste experience. Enjoy Germany`s most popular black beer!


    Thornbridge Quiet Storm Huell Melon

    7.00 CHF

    The Pale Ale is a hop/accented top/fermented beer. The English wanted lighter variants of the classic ales. Thus, the chosen malt became lighter and the bitterness of the hops stronger.



    5.00 CHF22.00 CHF

    Exporting 19 million hectoliters in 170 countries Heineken is one of the world`s most known beer brand. That can not be a coincidence!

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    Brussels IPA

    6.00 CHF

    Jever Fun non/alcoholic

    5.40 CHF

    The alcohol/free Jever Fun is the ideal thirst quencher for those who like to have fun and are active / in short: the perfect companion for any activity.


    San Miguel

    4.00 CHF

    The first San Miguel brewery was built in 1890 in the district of San Miguel the Philippine capital Manila. Ever since San Miguel has become the most popular beer in Spain with the perfect balance between mildness and bitterness.



    4.40 CHF

    In 1152, Premonstratensians founded the Abbey of Notre Dame de Leffe in present/day Belgium. In 1240 they bought a brewery and relocated it to the abbey.

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