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    San Miguel

    4.00 CHF

    The first San Miguel brewery was built in 1890 in the district of San Miguel the Philippine capital Manila. Ever since San Miguel has become the most popular beer in Spain with the perfect balance between mildness and bitterness.



    4.40 CHF

    In 1152, Premonstratensians founded the Abbey of Notre Dame de Leffe in present/day Belgium. In 1240 they bought a brewery and relocated it to the abbey.

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    Rock City IPA

    7.20 CHF

    IPA 2+3 non/alcoholic

    5.90 CHF

    A real craft beer free from alcohol. Two Riegele specialty yeasts and the three rare hop varieties Amarillo, Mandarina and Simcoe create the surprisingly tropical and fruity taste!


    Dolden Sud IPA

    5.20 CHF

    The Riedenburger Dolden Sud IPA is an India Pale Ale beer. The taste of the beer is initially slightly sweet. The hop notes are clearly distinguishable, but also the malt notes are easy to recognize. Altogether balanced in perfect harmony.


    Appenzeller Ginger Beer

    5.20 CHF

    Our ginger beer is fermented with ginger and thereby receives its unmistakable taste and a pleasant spicyness.


    Dolden Null °Bio non/alcoholic

    5.30 CHF

    Brewed as Dolden Sud and then suddenly stopped fermentation. An Alcoholitus Interruptus, so to speak. The result: a hoppy, fruity, crafty beer.


    Kehrwieder üNN IPA non/alcoholic

    6.10 CHF

    Alcohol/free and flavourful go wonderfully together / the proof is our überNormalNull (ü.NN), the first German India Pale Ale alcohol/free.


    Störtebeker Atlantik-Ale Alkoholfrei

    5.50 CHF

    Störtebeker Atlantik/Ale Alkoholfrei combines the refreshing tartness of pilsner beers and the light fruity sweetness of wheat beers with the strong citrus notes of a pale ale.


    Appenzeller Leermond non/alcoholic

    4.50 CHF

    This full/bodied, light brown beer is brewed at new moon (Leermond), and is made from three different malts and two varieties of hops. The malty flavour is enhanced by a long storage period at a low temperature.


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