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    Störtebeker Atlantik-Ale Alkoholfrei

    5.50 CHF

    Störtebeker Atlantik/Ale Alkoholfrei combines the refreshing tartness of pilsner beers and the light fruity sweetness of wheat beers with the strong citrus notes of a pale ale.


    Appenzeller Leermond non/alcoholic

    4.50 CHF

    This full/bodied, light brown beer is brewed at new moon (Leermond), and is made from three different malts and two varieties of hops. The malty flavour is enhanced by a long storage period at a low temperature.


    Ginger Beer

    5.20 CHF

    Traditional brewing art with a touch of natural exoticism: The bittersweet pleasure comes from the spicy components of organic ginger, turmeric and lemongrass paired with the mild sweetness of apples. A true taste explosion with a slight chili note.


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